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What Are The Most Common Bingo Chat Terms & Abbreviations?

In case you’re new to bingo and have discovered your self completely bamboozled by strange acronyms in a bingo chatroom, don’t fear – we’re here that will help you out!

This text explains the most typical bingo chat terms and abbreviations you may see on display. We also decipher a number of the online slang you may see your fellow roomies utilizing during online bingo games. These are compiled with the assistance of Umbingo, one of the leaders of On-line Bingo games.

Read on to immerse yourself on the earth of bingo so you can also make associates and play with more confidence.

The Most Common Bingo Terms

Listed here are a few of the commonest phrases you’ll come throughout when enjoying on-line bingo and what they imply:

75 ball / 90 ball

This refers to what number of numbers the game is played with. 75 ball video games have tickets consisting of 5×5 grid and 90 ball video games have tickets with 3 rows of 9 numbers. Our bingo information for novices weblog consists of extra particulars on the several types of games obtainable.

Bingo board

That is where you possibly can view the numbers which might be referred to as out.

Bingo foyer

The is the world online where you possibly can see all the bingo video games which might be obtainable to play. You’ll be able to decide which room you need to play in and buy advance tickets from the bingo foyer.


An abbreviation for chat host, which is the person who welcomes you right into a recreation of online bingo, ensures that the chat room remains pleasant, and makes positive everybody follows the principles.

Chat identify

Your chat identify is the identify that may present to different roomies. Decide one thing enjoyable, but, for safety, never embrace private particulars like your date of delivery.

Chat recreation

These are fun games played within the chat room during or between online bingo games. Some are just for fun, but you can even win cash and other prizes.


This is the special marker used to ‘dab’ or mark off the numbers on your bingo ticket. In many games of online bingo, you possibly can customise the form and color of your digital dabber!

Eyes down

The caller says this when the sport is about to start out, to remind you to take a look at your ticket.

Early hen recreation

That is often the time period that bingo golf equipment use to explain the first session of the day. These games are sometimes quieter, and the tickets are bought separately to essential session books.


Another identify for bingo tickets, which refers back to the paper variations utilized in membership.

Free area

The empty square in the midst of a 5×5 bingo ticket.

Full home

If you mark all the numbers on your ticket.

Lights out

The time period for the final bingo recreation of the night time.


If you’re one away from profitable, you’re ‘on’.

Postage stamp

If you get a profitable set of 4 squares in one of the corners of your bingo ticket.

Progressive jackpot

A jackpot that grows as individuals buy more tickets for the game.


Other on-line bingo gamers within the chat room that you simply’re enjoying alongside.

The Most Common Bingo Chat Abbreviations

If you play bingo online, there are a bunch of acronyms you’ll notice other gamers typing in the chatrooms. These are the ones to lookout for and what they stand for:

1TG/ 2TG – ‘TG’ stands for ‘to go’ – referring to what number of numbers you could have left to cross off before profitable a prize. 1TG means you’re only waiting for 1 number to be referred to as and 2TG means that you’ve 2 left to cross off. In some games, you possibly can still win a prize when you only have 1TG when full home has been referred to as.

AFC – Away from pc. Useful to use if you want to nip away for a few minutes.

AFK – Away from keyboard. Another strategy to say that you simply’ll be back.

AFAIK – As far as I know. Used after a press release to precise perception or an understanding.

ASAP – As soon as attainable. A standard time period used throughout everyday life.

B4 – Earlier than. The four is used to characterize the ‘fore’ sound of earlier than.

BBL – Be again later. Use this acronym to let your roomies know that you have to go away but shall be back for more enjoyable!

BBL8R – Be again later. Just like the above but using the complete acronym for ‘later’ – L8R.

BBS – Be again soon. (We hope so!)

BIAM – Again in a minute. Use when the kettle has simply boiled!

BLNT – Better luck next time. A good way to supply commiserations to your fellow gamers. A new recreation is seconds away – fingers crossed for a win!

BRB – Be proper back. One other shorthand approach to let your roomies know that you could’t reply to the dialog for a couple of moments.

BTW – By the best way. There are tons extra acronyms to learn when you hold scrolling BTW.

COI – Come on in. typically utilized by Chat Hosts and other gamers to welcome new gamers to the chat room.

CH – Chat Host. You’ll typically see this abbreviation in entrance of the Chat Host’s identify so you already know who is taking care of the roomies.

DM – A direct message. This can be a personal message between you and the Chat Host otherwise you and one other roomie. PM for Personal message may be use.

FAQ – Steadily asked question.

FFH – For full house.

FH – Full home. That is when all of the numbers in your bingo card are crossed off.

FYI – In your info. Simply so you realize!

GG – Good going or good recreation. Typically used to congratulate winners or stated basically appreciation.

GGA – Good recreation all. Used at the finish of a recreation to deal with all the other gamers.

GL – Good luck. One in every of our faves! It’s nice to want everyone in the room good luck earlier than the sport starts. The CH may even ship a magical sprinkling of excellent luck fairy mud by means of the keyboard!

GLA – Good luck all. Another nice acronym that may make it easier to to make pals. It’s good to be nice!

GLAC – Good luck all close. If a couple of roomies have 1TG or 2TG, it’s nice to wish them luck. Even in case you’re not profitable, the subsequent few calls might change the whole lot. Our group is likely one of the friendliest in bingo land and we love to help one another.

GLE – Good luck everybody. One other strategy to carry spirits and present different roomies that you are sending them good vibes.

GM – Good morning. Greatest used earlier than midday!

GMTA – Nice minds assume alike. Use this whenever you and another roomie say the same factor.

GN – Good night time. For those who’re leaving to go to bed, you should use GN to log off for the evening.

GTSY – Good to see you. OK, we know you’ll be able to’t ‘see’ individuals strictly talking, however this can be a nice greeting to use when a roomie you understand enters the room.

HAGD – Have an excellent day. A brief type strategy to ship someone good needs.

HAGE – Have a great evening.

HB – Hurry back. You’ll be missed!

HHIS – Hanging head in shame. Have you ever executed one thing silly? Did you make a blunder? Use this acronym to point out other roomies how you are feeling concerning the state of affairs!

IC – I see.

ICYMI – In case you missed it. This chat acronym typically follows necessary info or announcements.

IDK – I don’t know.

IMHO – In my trustworthy opinion. Use this if you need to categorical one thing you are feeling strongly about. Be respectful of your fellow roomies although, we all come from totally different places and have totally different experiences.

IMO – For my part. It’s nice to have opinions but be respectful of your fellow roomies who may need totally different thoughts to you.

IRL – In actual life.

IYKWIM – If you realize what I mean. Nicely, now you recognize what this bingo acronym means, IYKWIM?

JK – Just kidding. Everybody loves an excellent giggle!

JMO – Just my opinion.

JTLYK – Just to let you recognize. “I’ve got to nip out for some milk but I’ll BRB, JTLYK”

JP – Jackpot. The JP acronym is usually used when talking about jackpot prizes that may be gained in addition to commonplace bingo wins. There are lots of jackpot video games on supply at Mecca, the most typical bingo jackpots are Maxi Ball Booster and Mega Ball Booster. We have now a huge number of jackpot slot video games too.

KK – Ok, cool. The two Ks come from shortening OK, OK.

L8R – Later. The quantity eight within the middle substitutes for the ‘ate’ sound in L-ate-r.

LTNS – Very long time no see. You may see CHs utilizing this when a roomie that has been away for some time comes back.

NP – No drawback. We’re all the time glad to assist!

NT – Almost there. This bingo chat acronym is perhaps used when virtually all of the balls have been referred to as and there nonetheless isn’t a winner. This lets the roomies know that someone goes to win very quickly.

NW – No worries. Identical to NP. An acronym to let the individual you’re chatting with know that there’s no have to stress.

NVM – Nevermind. You should use this term if you’ve asked a query but not want the reply. “NVM, I’ve found the promo page!”

OAR – On a roll. Experiencing a bit of a lucky streak? You might be stated to be OAR!

OIC – Oh, I see. Lightbulb moment! The mist has cleared, now I perceive, your rationalization makes good sense… all of these reactions could be surmised with these three letters.

OTOH – Then again.

PM – Personal message. See DM above.

SMH – Shaking my head.

SOHF – Sense of humour failure. Did you miss the joke? Let your roomies know there are not any onerous emotions by telling them you had a SOHF.

TC – Take care. Show other roomies you care with this brief and sweet chat time period.

TIA – Thanks prematurely. You may see this chat term if someone asks the chat host for assist. They might say something like “Can you tell me when the escalator jackpot games start? TIA.”

TMI – An excessive amount of info. Someone saying a rest room break within the chat? “TMI @ Luv2Win!” – just say you’ll BRB next time, LOL!

TPTB – The powers that be. Whoever ‘they’ are, you should use this acronym to explain them.

TY – Thanks. All the time keep in mind your manners! As granny used to say, “It costs nothing to be polite!”

TYVM – Thank you very a lot. Present additional appreciation with this widespread on-line chat time period.

U2 – You too. Not to be confused with the Irish rock band. Until you’re talking concerning the Irish rock band…!

UL – Unfortunate. You possibly can’t win ‘em all!

WB – Welcome again. Been away? You may see this acronym in your return to the chat room.

WD – Nicely carried out. Used numerous occasions on the end of the game.

WDW – Properly completed, winner. Used to congratulate the winner(s) of the sport.

WTG – Strategy to go. A barely extra excited approach to categorical congratulations!

WTH – What the heck?!

WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get.

YAW – You’re a winner. Woohoo! Congratulations.

YSR – Yeah, positive… proper! An chat acronym to precise disbelief. Can be utilized in response to statements corresponding to: “I’ve only had one chocolate biscuit today.”

YW – You’re welcome. A pleasant response to TY!

With all these phrases and abbreviations, you’ll be able to dive into the chat, participate in the fab and enjoyable video games and make a lot of new associates.

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